The purpose of the Russian troops Remove any kind of test To make sure they are committed Crime Against humanity in Ukraine and for that Use mobile crematoriumEspecially in the town of Mariupol, so as not to leave a trace of their brutality, reassuring Ukrainian intelligence service.

In a message reproduced in the port city telegram account of the city council, Ukrainian intelligence services assured that “the Russian leadership has instructed Ukraine to destroy any evidence of its military crimes.”

“After the massive international genocide of the Ukrainian people in the Kiev region, Russian troops began using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine,” they added.

They have to be Detected “Thirteen mobile crematoriums in Mariupol to clear the way for the bodies of dead civilians” and Russian occupying forces To eliminate them, “they try to identify all possible witnesses to the atrocities.”

Details of the investigation

Mariupol, a city that was About half a million inhabitantsIt has been under siege since the beginning of the Russian invasion and 80% of its urban areas have been completely destroyed, according to municipal sources.

These sources confirm that in the cities on the shores of the Azov Sea, where there are very few 120,000 inhabitants Facing a humanitarian catastrophe, About 20,000 died People as a result of the Russian attack.

The message reproduced by the Mariupol government includes a Showing pictures It looks like a big truck with a big cylinder in the back, a lid that looks like a cremation oven.

Ukrainian military intelligence has recorded the message Repeated use of mobile crematorium In the Chernigov region, in the north and in the Lugansk region, to the east of the country.

He added that the Russian military also uses them Crematorium for disposal of remains For “hiding their true numbers” from their own dead soldiers and for not compensating their relatives.

It also reiterates that “the actions of the Russian military fall under the definition of genocide in accordance with the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and Article 6 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.”

And they predict that the Russian leader, Vladimir PutinRussia, which has denied any “war crimes” by Russian troops in Ukraine, will continue to try to conceal this information.

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