A great goal by the Real Madrid striker did not prevent the French from losing their debut in the League of Nations. Mbappe retired after his first performance with pain in his left knee

Benzema scores 1-0 in St. Denis.
Benzema scores 1-0 in St. Denis.Frank FifAFP

Karim Benzema He is more alone in France. Six days after Real Madrid lifted the 14th European Cup, the striker returned to Stade de France to finish a great match in his Nations League debut. Although his performance was not enough for the election Deschamps Defeated by Denmark (1-2), with whom they will meet in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar and who showed that their great performance in the last European Championship, where they were semifinalists, was a long way off. Suddenly

France, in spite of its constellations, has paid the price for its laziness and allowed it CorneliusThe Turkish striker will take both the equalizer with 20 minutes left and the winning goal in the last afternoon’s left-footed shot. The victim could do nothing CryingThose who have come round Christensen Y. Eriksen.

And Benzema liked it. 1-0 was another display of unbridled talent. Proceeding from the side, I found the connection nkunku And, after his backhill, he overtook three defenders, threw a fint that stopped, and scored with a blow that was a caress.

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The football industry demands pressure on its workforce. With the World Cup coming to an end that year, international players are still running around in mid-June, filling a hellish rhythm of the match. Kylian Mbappe I just endured a job. His left knee gave him an ugly warning and the striker chose to get out of there as soon as possible.

Mbappe, who refused to sing White Siren while at PSG, formed with Benzema. Both showed that, at least in the grass, there would be no reprimand. They tried to form an alliance and even Mbappe offered Benzema a tremendous assist after which he took the opportunity to score, even though he was offside.

But this is France that Deschamps is trying to revive with promise Chaumni On the axis and in which Griezmann Twilight lengthens with its dangerous irregularities.

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