An armed man entered the parking lot of a religious temple and shot, then took his own life. Photo: Internet

A man Killed two women and later Committed suicide On Thursday night, June 2, in the parking lot of Cornerstone Church in Ame townsIn the state of Iowa. Thus the international media published it this Friday, June 3, 2022.

Was The second shooting Day in the United States and it happened later President Joe Biden Congress appeals for banning weapons of mass destruction in the country.

The shooting took place just before 6 p.m. When the agents arrived at the scene, they found two women and a man dead, the chief confirmed The police Of the city, Nicholas Lenny, as reported by the American Network NBC News

The man The main suspects have been identified and there is no threat to the communityLenny added.

Biden’s request

US President Joe Biden appeared at the White House on Thursday Ask Congress The country needs to ban weapons of mass destruction and enact stronger laws to control them.

The incident happened hours after a “multiple shot” was fired during a funeral at Graceland Cemetery in Resin, about 30 miles south of Milwaukee, the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. A gunman killed his surgeon and three others at Tulsa St. Francis Hospital in Oklahoma a day after they were killed.

Decision in New York

New York State lawmakers on Thursday approved new legislation that raises the minimum age for purchasing semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21. This As part of a package to increase gun control following the recent genocide in Texas, 19 children were killed.

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Someone sent something to the post office Trade On Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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