Its camcorder ECU 911 Quito Two have been allowed to be identified Attempted suicide In the capital, which was avoided due to the timely intervention of the authorities.

The incidents took place on Tuesday, March 29. The first incident happened in the sector Chiche. With the help of the camera, a man was seen in an unusual position on the bridge over the river.

The citizen got out of his car, started walking around the structure, got back in the car, pulled out his phone (he was communicating with someone), then apparently crossed one of his legs on the railing to launch himself into space.

Its human and technological resources The police -Who was coordinated from the emergency center- arrives on time and brings the situation under control.

He was later taken to the nearest community police unit with his car, driven by a police officer. The warning entered this Tuesday at 01:47

At 07:08, on the same bridge, the cameras detected the other A person with an unusual attitude. Other citizens approached and spoke to him. ECU 911 Quito assessors manage to bring together police officers who arrive at the site, apply orally and keep the person in a safe place.

So far in March 2022, ECU has registered 911 Integrated Security Services. 61 suicide attempts (15 in Tungurahua, 11 in Guas, 8 in Pichincha and 27 in the rest of the provinces).

At the same time, 37 suicides were recorded nationwide (9 in Guayaquil, 4 in Tungurahua, 3 in Ajua and 21 in other provincial judiciary).

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