Discovered by national and international researchers Forest Clouds in northwestern Ecuador, two new species Glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium species). The animals were named Mashpi Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium Mashpi) and the noun Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium noun).

The mashpi glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium mashpi) inhabits the forests of the Tyra and Mashpi reserves in northwestern Pichincha. And Glass frog by noun (Hyalinobatrachium nouns) inhabits the southwestern forest of Imbabura, Manduriaku Reserve, and Los Cedros.

Both are located in the forest Choco Andino Biosphere ReserveOne of the most biodiversity ecosystems in the country.


The frog group is known as Glass Frog. Amphibian The family Centrolenidae, which has clear or completely transparent dorsal skin. Therefore, you can easily watch live Arrangements for their limbs, bones and even physiological movements Such as blood flow, digestion, respiration, etc.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate Change said Glass frog These are indicators of good condition of forest conservation and cleanliness of water bodies. Two new speciesOf these, 19 live in Ecuador alone, that is, they are unique, ”the state portfolio points out.

These little frogs are one of the most charismatic and well-known groups of amphibians worldwide, although they live only in the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Amphibians cannot go far. Often rivers, valleys, or mountains have limitations that distinguish one species from another. That is why the Andes and its conservation, protection and study Inland valley This should be a priority for Ecuador, the ministry noted.

The investigation was led by Juan Manuel Guassamin University of San Francisco de Quito; And Rebecca M. Bruner, Annelette Valencia-Aguilar, Daniela Franco-Mena, Eva Ringler, Anderson Medina Armizos, Carlos Morochz, Lucas Bustamante, Ross J. The participation of Maynard and Jaime Culebras is characteristic.

The full scientific article can be downloaded by clicking here At this link.

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