This Monday, April 18, 2022, marks the 11th day of ৷ Disappearance Of Lawyer Jose Arias Y. Gyro JimenezBoth are 40 years old.

The two jurists on Thursday, April 8 Quito Bound for IbarraIn the province of Imbabura, some drive Related activities With him Occupation.

Arias and Jimenez met on Mariano Acosta Avenue at about 11:00 that day. Police reported to Equivisa that one of them had withdrawn money from an ATM in the sector on the day of his disappearance.

Since then Lost the way From them. Imbabura police commander Norman Kano said telephone signals indicated they were Salinas ‘Y’ And, later, “the signal is lost”.

The Vehicles Where two lawyers were found in a state of disarray Burn Friday night, April 8, at Chuchubi Spa, on the streets of San Lorenzo County EmeraldBut without their trace, the newspaper El Norte has been confirmed by their relatives.

The Professionals They originated from Shout out, The province of Bolivar, who came to Ibarra to run the procedures. “It is known that they had several processes in Ibarra,” their relatives said.

Paul Farinango, a friend of the missing, said Arias and Jimenez had traveled before March 31. Imbabura To present a Written.

Jose’s brother Danilo Arias told the Extra newspaper that the lawyers traveled to the capital of Imbabura because they had an appointment with a client for a mining problem. According to the data they collected, Jose withdrew 140 140 from an ATM. Banking entity Of that city

“They travel constantly, they are well known in Quito and the country. We are waiting for the national police to investigate, “said Danilo Arias.

Lawyers received threats In recent months.

Diario El Norte noted that National Directorate of Security (NDS) personnel are leading the investigation into crimes against life, violent deaths, disappearances, kidnappings and extortion (dinased).

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