This Saturday, the afternoon of May 14, 2022, a traffic accident was recorded Photo: @ ECU911Quito

A Evil From Transit Registered in Avenida this Saturday afternoon, May 14, 2022 Simon Bolivar And Makuchi, south of Quito, two were injured. Currently, all three north-south lanes are closed Vehicle travel.

The Integrated service From Security ECU 911 received a warning today at approximately 3:47 p.m. Three people were involved in the crash, which occurred at the height of the road under the Guzalo bridge Automotive.

“An overturned van and two vehicles collided with injured and trapped people,” ECU 911 reported.

From ECU 911 Quito, the Consolidation From Staff And the first response unit. An ambulance, a rescue unit and a Quito Fire Department multipurpose vehicle and staff from the Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) who are currently present at the scene Be careful.

At the moment there are three north-south lanes off Simon Bolivar Avenue and there is a high Traffic jam Vehicles on site

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