Loading two boats Drugs Departure from the Colombian division Narino, On the border with Ecuador, heading towards Central America. The Authority From neighboring countries Stuck Five people including the boat have been detained Two Ecuadorians.

The Operative It was managed by the National Navy, a combination of the Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. agency DEA.

Boats and detentions

The Marine Colombians resist a The first The boat 64 kilometers from Tumaco (Nariño). They were found on inspection 899 package Hydrochloride Cocaine. They also captured Christian AB, Harley HSK. And Jefferson GC, a citizen of Ecuador

An hour later, The second boat. Here they have been identified 899 blocks From Cocaine. The crew, consisting of Mauri QB and Socrates GA of Ecuador, were captured.

Methods too They found One satellite phone, two Locator GPS, two Spoke Communication, 66 gallons of fuel And food. After a technical examination, prosecutor’s office officials established that, by weight, Drugs Found will exceed 1,788 kilograms.

The two consignments would leave the area controlled by the Alfonso Canoe, a dissident in the western bloc. Fark. They will be scheduled for a coastal point in Mexico.

The detainees appeared before Tumaco (Narino) ‘s Guaranteed Control Judge. The prosecutor’s office has charged them with drug trafficking, production and possession. In a Colombian prison they must comply with an insurance measure.


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