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Turkish cargo and sarpa will fly to Ecuador

National Civil Aviation Council (NCC)cnac), From Ecuador, approved operating permit for this Friday, February 25, 2022 Sky transport Load To the Turkish Airlines Company and to the passengers of Sarpa Airlines.

The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Marcelo Cabrera, who chairs the Cnac, said that Turkish Airlines would provide public, international and regular cargo flights. “With the entry of Turkish Airlines, the potential for large-scale commercial exchanges between Ecuador and the world increases,” he said.

In the case of the company Sarpa (Servicios Aéreos Panamericanos SA), the council has issued two approvals, the first for public, regular, international passenger, cargo and mail air transport services, combined.

Serpa will provide route services within the Andean community: Medellin – Quito – Medellin and Cali – Quito – Cali, each with three weekly frequencies; And Cali – Guaquil – Cali and Medellin – Guayaquil – Medellin, with four frequencies per week, respectively.

The second approval is consistent with the provisions of the Universal, Regular, International Passenger, Freight and Mail Air Transport service in a joint manner in the Ecuador-Colombia border integration zone on the Cali-Nueva Loza-Cali and Cali-Esmeraldas route. Callie, with two frequencies per week.

The new operating permits are in response to a government-sponsored plan to reactivate aviation to promote tourism, cultural, productive and commercial activities in the country, the Ministry of Transport and Public Works said.

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