First title for Arab tennis player and first title in 24 years for African tennis. In the final, American Pegula lost to number ten in the world.

Jabeur kissing at the Madrid Trophy.
Jabeur kissing at the Madrid Trophy.Manuel FernandezAP

African women’s tennis champion again: Tunisian Ons Jabeur Taken to the finals this Saturday Masters of 1,000Madrid After surviving a blackout in the second set and defeating the Americans Jessica Pegula By 7-5, 0-6 and 6-2.

Twenty-four years After South Africa Amanda Quetzer Win the title Charleston -Then the Tier I division, the current equivalent WTA 1,000-, an African player re-registers his name in a tournament of this entity, the most important after four Grand Slam.

Jabeur is the first Tunisian tennis player and the first Arab player, male or female, to enter tennis. Top ten in the world. In the eighth finalist MiamiFinalist Charleston And the quarterfinals StuttgartThe Tunisian has extended his moment in Madrid and will appear on Monday Seventh Place in the world rankings.

Despite being selected top of the tournament in the previous round, the final featured high quality tennis, Tenth and fourteenth player in the world Dedicated to offensive play and quick exchanges.

According to the style shown since the start in Madrid, Pegula frequently looked at the net as soon as his serve or Jabeur’s return gave him a chance. But he found a nice passerby and he had to slowly try deeper shots. The American scored on the first break, 3-1, which he later combined. Then he loses his next turn and the game starts again.

Drop shot signed after recitation Carlos Alcaraz In his match against Novak Djokovic, which ended minutes earlier on the same court, Jaber He did his special show against Pegular and got better from one of his best shots.

At 5-4, his set was almost spent for a weak Tunisian serve game. In three eroded attacks he returns to parity and the speed of the mini-comeback allows him to break the pegula gap and close the set with his serve.

Roscoe in the second set

Jabeur is in charge of the match, Also errors. Suddenly he loses contact with drops and returns and Pegula writes points first and then games. As many places on the scoreboard 6-0. Learned the lessons of the early manga, this time did not let himself eat on the ground. A failed drop of Jabeur condemned him as a ‘donut’.

With Jabeur, 27, and Pegula, 28, Both at the best moment of their long careers, no one is afraid to look at the possibility of playing the title in the third set. The Tunisian started with a short break from his opponent’s streak. But he gave up his next serve and broke again later. There was a partyBrokenAlthough the advantage was for Jabeur and it was enough for him to keep it.

Pegula tried to fight in the corridor, but his opponent reached everything. A new ‘break’ gave him almost certain 5-2. It was, with Jabeur is already inspired by the closeness of the title. One hour and 54 minutes have passed.

Originally scheduled for mid-afternoon, the two men’s semifinals were sandwiched, Women’s final Alkaraj-Djokovic spent three and a half hours in prime time.

Jaber Was The first Arab woman Who played in the quarter finals Grand SlamIn Australia in 2020, and the first winner a WTA titleInside Birmingham In 2021. It was the only one in Madrid to this day.

On the way to the final, he defeated three players with whom he had a negative balance: Switzerland Belinda Bensic (11), Romanian Simona Halep And Russian Ekaterina Alexandrova. He had two wins tied with Pegular.

With Jabeur, Africa returns to the list of top tournaments, called Tier I between 1990 and 2008; From 2009 to 2020 they were named Premier Mandatory or Premier 5 and from 2021 they were called WTA 1,000.

Kotjar and history

Amanda Quetzer won the Romanian final in Charleston in 1998 Irina Spirlia By 6-3 and 6-4. Quetzer. The South African spent a decade in the top ten in the world, was ranked No. 3 in November 1997 and has won nine singles and nine doubles titles in his career. Since then, no African player has won the crucial title won by Jabeur today.

Tunisia beat Belarusian in Madrid tournament Arina Sabalenka. Before the 2020 break due to epidemics, Dutch Kiki Bartens won in 2019, Czech Petra Kevitova in 2018 and Romanian Simona Halep in 2017 and 2016. Kevitov holds the record for most wins in 2011, 2015 and 2018.

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