Antonio Valencia together with Sebastian Palacios, Minister of Sports and President of Wilson Villarreal, Tumbaco AV25. Photo: Paolo Alvarez / EL Commerceo

Antonio Valencia Officially presented his football team. Will carry the name of the organization Tumbaco AV25 And in the amateur section, Ecuador will start its journey from football base.

Included in the event that the club was introduced Antonio Valencia And other personalities associated with the sport. Sebastian PalaciosMinister of Sports, and Wilson VillarrealEntity President with him.

During the event, the historic Teranga offered her Motivation Newborns surround the campus and their aspirations with it. He went on to say that the formation of a football team It was one of his dreams From that stage he was a professional player.

In the concentration of the Ecuadorian national team, together with his friends and colleagues Christian ‘Chucho’ Benitez They set goals. On this occasion, Valencia took the opportunity to dedicate this achievement to footballer K. Died in 2013.

The palace The argument was that such initiatives Promoting the national game And they are an option for young people to stay away from the path that can be harmful. For your part Villarreal Provide a review and tribute Directions Leading Nobel’s

Will be the headquarters of the painting Tumbako and Puembo, Where they already have a location. In the earlier days, a minga was held in the sector and the field was sufficient for a house Practice and match.


The costumes that will be used in the championship have also been revealed. The The first kit It has a red shirt with black stripes and the latest color shorts. ‘Toño’ mentions that the color red was implemented out of love for it National Sports Club, The team that saw him born, and Man youWhere he spent most of his career.

The Alternative uniforms Completely white The main blouse It is decorated by a ribbon with representative colors. All garments have sponsors who have decided to support the project.

Antonio Valencia Tumbako AV25 team uniform.  Photo: Paolo Alvarez / Trade
Antonio Valencia Tumbako AV25 team uniform. Photo: Paolo Alvarez / Trade

Funny facts.

One of the salary curiosities, who will face the amateur tournament and seek his promotion. The second division, It has members who are rejected from other clubs. There is the oldest of them 23 years old and he is the captain.

The doors of the club are open for those who want Perform tests and link templates. The only requirement is shown on a training basis.

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