Coccinelle demands compensation for survivors for crimes against humanity. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo

They survived the 80s and 90s. Coccinelle Not only have they been discriminated against because of their gender identity and expression, but they have also been oppressed, dragged, imprisoned, tortured and raped. Is Trans women They are already over 60 years old and do not want to die without repairs.

For this reason, in 2019 they met again and formed an organization New coccinelle. They have sued the state for crimes against humanity, but there has been no response to their request.

The lawsuit was filed on May 17, 2022. International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. For this reason, trans groups went to the state attorney general’s office in Quito on Tuesday to demand treatment for Nueva Cocaine’s claim.

“We are dying one by one, seeking compensation and justice.”He said Nebraska MontenegroThe president of the organization. At 66, he says he survives by selling sandwiches and food at his doorstep. “Today, the police officers who arrested and tortured us are certainly enjoying their leisure and we do not have a decent job, education or health, because discrimination still persists in hospitals.”

Trans women Those who have survived to this day have started businesses or worked in hairdressing, Nebraska says. But passing year after year has left them Unemployment. “Older women who don’t have jobs are cleaning cars on the streets.”

The voices of the survivors

Part of Jimena, Muneka, Anna Carolina and Sandra New coccinelle And they assure that they will fight as far as their forces allow Justice and compensation. “Now is the time, we don’t want to beg, but whatever we need, after so many deaths and abuse by the police,” said Jimena, 65.

Doll, 77, tired. Her weak hands no longer allow her to brush, so she no longer has a job at a hair salon. He remembers all the tortures he had suffered before The criminalization of homosexuality In Ecuador, he said, he has many bad memories. He likes not to mention them and shows the marks of police torture on his face. “Police members were cursed. They took one for fun because I’m gay.”

Anna Carolina wants an access Good job Like any citizen. “I was another victim of the police at that time. There was so much persecution. That’s why I want my work rights and a bonus to be compensated by the state. ”

In a firm voice, Sandra remembers that they were taken away Dungeon A checkpoint south of Quito. They did it to rape them, he says. “They poured water on the floor to catch our current. Which is not done for people. Us too Victims of discrimination When we go to school, to university, they see us as a rare animal. Why? If we are all human, we are children of God. ”


He said the lawsuit seeks compensation for survivors of crimes against humanity. Malone Chavez. He is a representative Trans sex worker from Quito And the new Coccinelle Vice President.

“Crimes committed by the national police cannot be read and analyzed from separate perspectives, as they will be until 1997. Gay It was a crime punishable by prison. This means that the state was the regulatory body for the torture, persecution and criminalization of trans women and transgender people, “she said.

Regional Human Rights Advisory Foundation with legal process (Indra) Your legal adviser, Sophia Lerena, Said there was a huge delay in the first year of the epidemic and no proper work was done. “Later we had some versions and expert reports. We have made further demands, but we have not received any response from the state. ”

When it comes down to it Crimes against humanity, The lawyer explained that extensive compensation was sought for the victims. This includes material repairs. “Most of the victims are over 60 years old, which means they are about to enter a vulnerable group. That is why we are requesting them to lead a beautiful life. That they have access to public health, retirement, decent housing. ”

The Nueva Cochineal Front has filed a lawsuit against the state of Ecuador for crimes against humanity. Homosexuality was criminalized …

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