They dumped on the highway Cluster From Banana Y. Reversed With Stone And pebbles. Banana farmers wanted to know Announcement From Urgent Time for the industry Off Provincial roads Guas, Gold Y. The rivers.

The Paralysis The first hour and morning of this Monday, April 11, 2022, was recorded in a progressive nature. And even after noon the police were still struggling to fully withdraw. Stone material In such sectors, dumps on highways Victory Y. Inca port (Guas).

When Department The province of El Oro will be closed until 3:00 pm this Monday. Road closed At its height GuaboAlso on the street Guakil-Machala. What’s more, Through Rio Cit–el Guabo It was closed with stones in four sections till 2 pm on Monday.

The Governor From The Gold, Fulton Serano, Came to El Guabo to try to persuade banana growers to drop measurements. But the protesters have declared themselves Indefinite unemployment.

They want respect at the lowest price

The Banana tree Need respect for The lowest price From Lifting Of Register cash From Banana, Set at $ 6.25. Patricio Sanchez, a producer, noted that exporters bill him USD 6.25 for a box of fruit when in reality they pay USD 1.50. With DiscountProducers are nearby One dollarSaid.

The closed section is panorama Long queue From Tied vehicles And hundreds of people are going to perform through the blockade Transfer And follow the path to their destination.

Road closed in Puerto Inca
Progressive stops were recorded on the morning and morning of this Monday, April 11. And by noon, police were still fighting to remove all elements of the Guass sector, such as El Trunfo and Puerto Inca on the Guayaquil-Machala road. Photo courtesy

The Farmers and peasants They also closed the Babayo-Pueblo Vizo road in Los Rios, in search of a way out of the crisis caused by the armed conflict. Russia Y. Ukraine.

From WarWhich compromises only 2% of Ecuador’s production, a process “Speculation” Upstairs CommercializationAs well as one Additional supplies Y. Damming Of Fruit, According to union officials,

The Minister of Agriculture, Pedro AlavaIt has been announced since last week that in the coming days it will be the President of the Republic himself who will announce the measures in its favor. Small producer From Banana.

The government promises the system

He said the banana sector has collapsed, has collapsed. The second solanoSpokesperson of National Banana Farmers Federation (FenabeThe siege was also carried out with El Oro Agricultural vehicles.

The producers insisted on a dialogue with the government so that it would heed their request. “I bought a bunch from the government Small banana tree Or provide supplies for fumigationsWhich is the most expensive, ”he said. Says Eduardo Novello, producer of El Trunfo.

“Ecuador’s president himself is going to inform the country of measures for small producers,” he said. Minister From Agriculture, Peter Alava. Officials have assured that protesters have the right to protest, but not to block roads.

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