Return Normal Forced him to return to work Pre-epidemic With all of her ComplicationsSince about the subject Consolidation On Quito Not fixed before. So, it is The road From the capital They broke down With the return Face to face College, office and university.

One of the most important transit areas in Quito Is AV. Simon Bolivar From the cyclist’s circle, towards Av. Eloy AlfaroOne of the reasons this trip was affected was to return to some classes University That’s around this point. Ruminahuhi Highway, Western Avenue, Av. 10 de Agosto, among others in some places where car flow is high.

Where the sector is Educational Institutions It takes about 30 minutes to get out of these places, as there are many vehicles to get to them Jobs And others who are leaving their relatives School Or University.

Quito and the cause of alternative traffic

Cristobal Buendia, President Mobility Observatory From QuitoIt has been mentioned that the main cause of the problem Inefficiency A. Public transport, As it creates a greater need to travel in private vehicles to run their activities. The work that was done before the epidemic is also being created, so, in the time slot, everyone is occupied Low road capacity At the same time

For Buendia, Municipality Road use planning does not solve the problem and improves Public transportAs a result of use Private vehicles Which is still the most Sure And Efficient One of the problems with moving from one place to another is that the occupancy rate remains the same from the date it was decided to implement. Peak And Permission plaque1.2 to 1.4 people per car, which is one of the most inefficient rates America.

One of the options is to humiliate people from them Vehicles And transfer them Public transport What is the most system Efficient From Mobility. The solution is to provide a safer mobility option so that users can start and avoid other modes of transportation. Traffic.

The Time From Travel has increased Between 20% and 25%, these times will continue to increase as vehicle fleet growth stays the same, 4% to 6% per year, and Road power Does not increase in the same proportion. That’s why 7 out of 10 people acquire Vehicles Is to get out Public transport. Mobilized since 11 years ago Calderon Until Carolina It took about 20 minutes today Crowd hours It takes 60 minutes on the same ride.

Quito Metro as a possible solution

“The Subway From Quito Excuses are given for sorting things out, because if the surface system is not well organized, Subway It’s not going Function Correctly, “said Cristobal Buendিয়াa.

The Subway Will transport only 10% to 12% of demand, i.e. 200,000 to 250,000 trips per day, while Quito There are about 1,700,000 trips per day. Most people will continue to walk on the surface, the important thing is that they can take a good Organization So that Subway From Quito Works properly for solutions Traffic Of Capital.

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