AMT has registered a traffic accident in El Pinar sector in Quito. Photo courtesy

This Friday, June 3, 2022, it was registered A traffic accident In El Pinar Sector, Quito. This was reported by the Quito Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT)

The incident was reported at 06:00 on Avenue Marshall Sucre Y. ThirdAgents proceeded to close the north-south left lane until the vehicle was removed.

According to preliminary information, the car collided LamppostThere were no serious injuries and have continued off.

Agents advise driving with caution, respecting traffic signs and taking the Avenida de la Prensa alternative route

Accidents and accidents

So far this first quarter of 2022, AMT 128 people reportedly ran; In 2021, 77 were registered and in 2020, 126 were injured. For him Pedestrian On average, moving from one place in the city to another is more of a risk than a real Odyssey.

This information has been known in the report Bloomberg Global Road Safety Initiative, When a car travels 60 kilometers, the injured person has a high risk of death; When traveling 40 km, the car is able to brake on time and avoid impact. Excessive speed causes 85% of pedestrian and cyclist deaths, as the latter are at risk. Claim Of Transit.

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