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Chevrolet, meeting the needs of its customers, completes its portfolio of SUVs with the Tracker Turbo, a more athletic design that combines tenacity, sportiness and elegance, giving it a distinct personality.

It has a 130 horsepower turbo engine that delivers 190Nm (Newton meters) of torque from 2,000 turns. The Tracker Turbo combines a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic transmission, which guarantees better performance and at the same time reduces fuel consumption by 24%, which contributes not only to the environment but also to the owner’s pocket.

The turbocharger is made up of a turbine that is moved by an exhaust gas attached to a compressor that is responsible for compressing the air in the engine inlet, thereby increasing the amount of air in the combustion chamber.

In addition to these physical features, the engine is calibrated to achieve maximum performance in Ecuadorian geography marked by many curves, mountains and slopes, so it requires vehicles that meet these needs.

Attached is an autonomous braking system that allows the car to stop when it detects an impending collision and the driver does not realize that he may have crashed. This system is activated after the collision warning system, which is a visual alert so that the driver can respond quickly.

Exterior beauty and inner comfort

Its new finish, equipment and its aerodynamic profile show the features pointing to the higher section. Externally, it has optical assembly with LED technology, including daytime running lights (DRL) and an auxiliary lighting system to enhance lighting when maneuvering and cornering, something that matches the calibration adapted to Ecuadorian geography.

For customers who value a different touch, the brand has created four accessory kits: Sport, Safety, Adventure and Elegance to further identify the personality of the vehicle and adapt it to the tastes of its new owner.

If we talk about the interior, it has a panel with great style and elegance, which combined with the panoramic sunroof gives a sense of greater sophistication and independence. This model has increased its dimensions: in length, more than 12 millimeters, and in width, 15 millimeters, it has also partially reduced its height, thus improving its durability and aerodynamic sensation.

Thanks to its modular platform, the tracker offers a large space in the turbo trunk and both legs, head and shoulders, ensuring greater comfort for its occupants.


If we talk about safety, it surpasses the offer in segments including six airbags, automatic parking assist, emergency brake assistant, onster, blind spot alert, front seat belt with protector, electronic stability control and jump start assistant. It is complemented by active and passive safety components such as traction control, stability and electric steering in all its versions.

Technology and personality

The Tracker represents an evolution of the Turbo brand and is designed for young adults, impressive, with an adventurous style and for those who like technology for its unobtrusive-guard connectivity components, which include 12 times more signal than phones with integrated Wi-Fi. Automatic connection, 4G speeds that reach up to 15 meters around the car and allow up to seven connected devices at the same time.

Added to this is the Mylink 3.0 radio, marked by a seven-degree tilt on the instrument panel, thus improving visibility and a sense of control, greater sensitivity to touch and an eight-inch screen.

It allows you to connect two smart devices at the same time and its wireless charger, in Premier version, keeps the phone charged at all times. With the myChevrolet APP you can get a good connection and even turn the car on or off from a smartphone or smart watch.

The Tracker Turbo comes in three trims: a five-speed LS MT, an LTZ with an automatic transmission and a Premier with a six-speed automatic transmission. It is available in six different colors: blue, black, white, lead, silver and red.

Also, thanks to ACDelco, a strategic partner of the Chevrolet brand, one of the best maintenance costs on the market per 10,000 kilometers.


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