The image of the athlete went viral with more than 13,000 likes Daniel Busts (Adaniel.bustosfdc) Published Instagram How it has become a testimony Illegal mining It leaves an unforgivable mark on its landscapes Amazon From Ecuador

Taken from El Sibo perspectiveLocated in the area yutzupinoIn the parish Puerto NapoThis image reveals the devastation that the region suffered after the attack Illegal group of miners. There were 240 pools built to wash the land during the search GoldAt least 148 were used backhoes (Seized in a raid in mid-February 2022), and about 700 people took part in direct lifting activities, according to the data. National Police.

Took with Gold Rush 70 hectares From Jungle Until January 2021. This is how he explains Sylvia VillasisExpert Eco Science FoundationWho works on an observation project Extraction activities In Ecuador’s Amazon via satellite image.

After a picture of Boostos went viral on social media on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition (MATE) states that “Operation Manti (February 13, 2022) promised to resolve this crisis, especially in the province of Napo. At the moment, work is underway to identify the owners of the seized equipment and, as determined by regulations, a program Environmental repairFocuses on ecosystem recovery and compensation for it Communities Affected “.

Impact on tourism, source of income

When environmental remediation programs are being designed, people in the community yutzupino, Siba And Silverio Andy Noting that illegal excavations have not only damaged the landscape, they have taken it away Agricultural land As well as the source of income Ecotourism. The same thing happened with Roberto (protected name), who offered to visit these cities.

After a difficult year of epidemics, where tourism activities disappeared, the number of people traveling to this point almost recovered by October 2021. He offers half-day tours that can cost up to $ 15 and include tours CaveWater source and photos from Be careful Of the El Cebo community.

Attempts to recover illegal mining equipment

“It is closed now because the owners do not allow access to the site where the photos were taken from above. The military controls the area, “said Roberto. Its tourism enterprise offers Source of income At least thirty people Guide, By cooking, Dancer And Carrier. For him, the thing left by illegal mining was Fear In Traveler. “We just want people to know that the excavations are gone, but these destinations are still active,” he insisted.

According to the sum Napo loves lifeAs of March 22, “there were 2 attempts to recover 16 illegally operated machines, but the legal argument was forcibly rejected by the judges.” The company is one of the first to condemn the presence of heavy machinery in the area on social networks in late December 2021.

# Illegal mining has been on the rise in Ecuador for several years now. So far in 2022, several seizures have been registered. Https://

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