It’s the summer of 1999. Pierce in San Francisco on the 30th and 32nd, California, The V version of X Games is celebrated. There are creams by Travis Pastrana, Dave Mira and Dennis Dermaler.

Is also Tony the hawkThe world benchmark for this Skateboard The vertical 900 has Hawke’s 11 failed attempts: a gaseous rotation so that the skater makes two and a half turns in the air around its axis. Thousands of people are watching it live and millions on television.

Every time he falls off his skateboard, he scolds himself, takes a breath, goes back to the ramp, breathes, and launches. In the twelfth attempt, the impossible happens: the hawk swings in the air attached to its board and descends at high speed without falling from it. He immediately realizes that he has just achieved and only manages to raise his arms, give a smile and take himself away by the many people who hug him, kiss him and shout his name.

The scene is part of it Documentary ‘Tony Hawk: Till the Wheels Hold’, a production directed by Sam Jones, premiered last week HBO. The film outlines a portrait of Hawke (San Diego, 1968), characterized by his hyperactivity from his childhood; To this day, the time that he decided to exercise his paternity.

Gifts that change lives

A camera, a book, a drawing pad, a soccer ball … in the case of Tony Hawk, the gift that changed his life forever is Skateboard That his brother Steve gave him in 1977; Skateboard which is now part of the collection of the National Museum of History America.

Tony found that the technique was easy for him and he was comfortable on the skateboard despite having bumps all over his body. He started competing in an amateur way at the age of 12 and became Professional14. He was a member of it Bone brigadeLegendary team led by Stacey Peralta.

That team included other skateboard personalities, such as Steve Caballero, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain or the rest of Lasek; The skaters in the documentary are talking about what the game was like in the 80’s and 90’s of the last century and how Hawke has surpassed everyone in a short time.

Tony competed in over 100 events before his 25th birthday. He retired in 1999. That year he created the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, one of the most popular video games in history. Nowadays he still skates, but he only does it in exhibitions and demonstrations.

Skate, a circular sport

Stacey Peralta looks directly at the camera and throws out a phrase that Hawk and the rest of the skaters felt first hand: “Ever since it appeared, this game has been circling.”

Skateboarding is a sport that is inextricably linked with road and urban culture. There are no exact dates or prominent names, but all indicate that at some point in the 1950s, surfers in the California area decided to attach four roller skate wheels to a wooden board to ‘surf’ the asphalt on waveless days. ..

Everything was very elementary; Metal wheels were used that were only used for skaters to slide down the road, mimicking the movement of surfing.

The first ‘boom’ came in 1973, when Frank Nasworth invented the urethane wheel and founded the Cadillac Wheels. This discovery made more people interested in skateboarding and made it a part of their lives.

The game’s first wave of popularity lasted until the late 1980s. As the protagonists of the documentary say, everything turned upside down in the early 1990s. Tracks like the legendary Del Mar in California have disappeared and the official competition with them.

Hawk and his friends stopped being rock stars who traveled around the world and had to get other jobs to support their families.

X Games and their families

The second wave came along X Games. Hawke was already a legend in the sport, yet he continues to compete and challenge himself. He is back in superstar life and with it excesses and family problems.

His eldest son, who experienced his absence in childhood, is another person present in the documentary. What gives her the most joy, she says, is that life has given her dad a chance to do what his younger sister didn’t do for him.

The hawk has a personal track; Over 50 years old. He went there to make a 900. Although the failed attempt is repeated over and over again, he says that he found a certain discipline in skateboarding and only in his adult life did he manage to present that quality in everything.

After countless attempts, the impossible happens again. This time there is no applause or jubilation, only one person cuddles and calls ‘The Birdman’.

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