Tono Navarete Entitled to its most recent musical production Fictional perfume. Theme key word Digital platform And are promoted together with one Video clip Posted on YouTube.

A song written in JJ style

“It’s a JJ-style song,” the artist says of a verse set Written in 2017.

The lyrics were in the pending project for three years. But that didn’t happen until 2022 when it was finally consolidated Museum Ecuadorian artist.

“It’s a song that revolves around it The damage we have suffered From one moment to the next on a sensitive level, but many people associate it with personal and family experiences, ”explains Guaquil Native.

Such an absence, he said, leads a lot Fill that void with memory And in some cases to awaken their presence in the environment and things with a pregnant fragrance. “There’s a scent that reminds us of space or people,” he says.

“If I feel it, why can’t I share it in the song,” he says of a song that, like the others in his collection, stems from a personal experience.

The song is produced by Chile Anthony Albert. In the process, the producer and artist agree that it is time to lend themselves Romantic rhythm We did not have to lose the essence of the neighborhood. That’s how the letter came together Urban ballad.

A cinematic video

Fantasy perfumes together with a premiere one Video clip Published on Toño Navarrete’s official channel, in YouTube.

The audiovisual was recorded at a boutique hotel in Guayaquil. Joshua Miranda, such as the film director ‘Covered Lady’ Is ‘Magdalen’s Secret’, Leads the audiovisual project.

The video shows a story People revive that memory When expressing the presence of a woman who has ended a relationship that no longer exists through the fragrance of pregnancy in a forgotten object.

The Former Queen of GuayaquilNavila Dieb and Navarre itself are the main characters of the audiovisual which creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

A theme of revival

The Ecuadorian artist has closed 2021 with a single release Crazy And sought to take advantage of the reactivation of the cultural sector after the health emergency Covid-19 Continue to offer new themes.

The imaginary perfume hall Single first That Toño Navarrete will release this in 2022. With that, they have added seven singles to their six-year musical career.

For the second semester, a The second unit. Meanwhile, he hopes to meet the public again at upcoming concerts.

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