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Tom Cruise: “My dream and my passion movie, I can do it forever”

Cruz has assured that he will never push for a release earlier on a platform than in a movie theater. Photo: EFE

True to the legend of Hollywood’s latest global superstar, Tom Cruise Confirmed this on Wednesday 18 May Ears The cinema hall and always his passion, that he would never make a film for a platform and at the age of about 60, his motto is still to learn as much as possible and Don’t be afraid to ask.

“We all dream something, My dream and my passion movie, I can always do it (…), I never take anything for granted and I give my best every day “, he reiterated almost emphatically in a conversation with a journalist. Didier Allowach Journalists have been invited without the possibility of asking questions.

The star of the story ‘Mission Impossible’ and one of the films like ‘Jerry Maguire’, ‘Magnolia’ or ‘Some Good Man’. Tribute For his entire career, 30 years after his only tour in the competition, where he performed together with his then-wife. Nicole KidmanRon Howard’s Far and Away film.

His visit coincided with a worldwide inauguration ‘Top Song: Maverick’The sequel to Tony Scott’s film that brought him fame in 1986 and where he returned to the legendary aviator jacket that made him fashionable in the 80’s.

General Representative of the Festival, Thierry FremaxPresents him as one of the best average number of films throughout his career and one of the few that is exclusively committed to movies in contrast to series or even commercials.

First the cinema hall

Following the script, Cruz assures that he will never succumb to the pressure of release. Platform In a movie theater: “It will never happen”, he underlined with applause.

I never went to film school, my school was set“He mentioned and emphasized that from the first moment he took advantage of each shoot to observe and learn what was being done in the various production departments.

“It’s been my education, I’ve been lucky because I’ve never been afraid to ask people I’ve worked with and when I don’t understand anything,” he said.

Part of that legend that revolves around Tom Cruise It has to do with the determination not to use a double and if he is a pilot (“top gun”), singing as a singer (“rock of age”) or learning to play billiards as a professional (“color of money”).

“No one asked Jean Kelly Because he danced and sang, I like to do things on my own, “he explained.” Thinking about the impossible inspires me and I think it’s better to try to do it yourself because even if you fail, you learn something. “

In defense of the movie theater, which gives him space Tune in with a festival Those who do not recognize movies that are not released in theaters have confirmed that there is a “very specific” way of making movies for the big screen, which has nothing to do with television.

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