Two motorcycles and a police patrol car briefly guarded the departure of students from a campus northwest of Guayaquil. Photo: The Trade

Noise Motorcycles It can be heard shortly after acceleration Doorbell Departure announcement, last Wednesday at noon. A is next to the school gate Patrolman Parked in and around, the team of parents and students quickly left. No one stops, no one wants to talk.

The organization a Secluded area Northwest Guayaquil, Next to a field covered with weeds. Its managers have requested Police guard Because Security Which does not corner the sector Respect The Classroom.

Last week it was the scene of a clash between the two The band. There are people who have seen people climbing on the roof of the campus ShootWhile inside Teacher And the children were thrown to the ground. Was not there InjuredBut some students stopped being admitted for a few days out of fear.

Reported case

The Ministry of Education Reported 69 incidents Dangerous So far this year, they have been associated with educational institutions in the country Problems Starting from Suspension Class due to leak Prison Like Santo Domingo, even the threat Bomb; But there are more complaints.

The most frequent warning of theft. Guakil, Duran and Samborondon (Guas) police said there were 49 attacks between January and May. El Oro 43, Manbi 38, Los Rios 34, Quito 23, Santo Domingo 14 and Esmeraldas 10.

Although the target during the epidemic was the school’s infrastructure and its equipment, now back in the face-to-face class, students have become direct victims. The latest incident happened southwest of Guayaquil, where a young man was shot in an attempted robbery.

It was also this week Complaint Of Rector Of Institution Those who have received the message Extortion from alleged members of criminal gangs. They want thousands of dollars to avoid violent attacks.

Scopolamine attack

Education explains that it has protocols and Path of action “That’s our qualification” for the safety of students in educational institutions. To cover the disclosure, they coordinate with the Governorate, the Municipality, the Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Strategy Of The watchman For the educational community, though they are not fully functional.

There on the beach Fear. In this canton of Guas, some students have been attacked with scopolamine for snatching and others have fled. Suspicious.

There are still concerns about prison clashes in Santo Domingo in early May, which forced the resumption of online classes at three schools near the Bellavista Social Rehabilitation Center.

The mother of one of the students described that strangers came to the bus stop looking for her Theft From Boys. He had a young son Stab For the floor Snatch him The Backpack.

The advice they repeat to the students of Simon Bolivar Technician in Guayaquil is not to carry electronic equipment, although they do not all accept it. In their spare time they listen to music on their cell phones.

Police hospital psychologist Gilbert Jackom visited a high school group on Tuesday. He advised them to take care of themselves.

“To protect them today, they need to have an adult companion at both the entrance and exit. You don’t have to carry technical equipment and pay for them, ”he recommends.

Psychologist Laura Quezada, from Simon Bolivar Student Counseling DepartmentAdds one more element: Emotional intelligence. Through brief discussions, he tries to train adolescents to remain calm in the face of adversity.

Although this College Not reporting external threats, the committee of delegates implemented a security plan. They identified 12 unprotected points that were monitored daily by 20 parents.

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