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Valencia and Real Sociedad game add insufficient points to a match, without few chances and success

Warzabal and Carlos Solar clash over a ball
Warzabal and Carlos Solar clash over a ball.J. JordanAFP
  • Direct It was the Valencia-Real Sociedad

Valencia Y. Real society Gave a clear lesson of intensity just like the game Fang and lack of success. Tickling was sought, they planted themselves in the rival area but the scoreless draw was insufficient for both. The Basques added a second 0-0 draw in the league, the third tie in 2022 where they added just one win. The numbers are somewhat worse for Valencia, who repeatedly tested Remiro in the second half but only added one point, the second of the last 12 is at risk, a balance that leads them to look at European positions from afar. [Narracin y estadstica]

Real grabbed Sociedad, broke the game inside them and launched an offensive counter-attack. The idea was that Valencia jumped into Mestalla with a Premier team. Boardals He warned that he would make a spin, the cup was waiting, and he filled it to the extent that it became his XI. The youngest of the five major leagues of the year European women average 22 years 205 days. The attacking fashionable couple, Guedes and Hugo Duro, were on the bench and after the three signed, Cmert, Elix Moriba Y. Brian Gill Join back mamardashvili To the goalkeeper, who was supported by five lines with wings extended as the ball recovered in the defensive phase.

Real also showed different faces, they were needed after the cup, but they tried to keep the same idea. The sheriff kept like a gun Isaac, And although his team was in control of the ball in the first half and searched hard for the Valencian goal, their luck was low. If the first intimidation was given by the locals with the help of a center from the bottom line who wanted to catch Yunus in a distant post, the most obvious chance was a Le Normand Header Which caused the Mamardashvili lunge.

Rarely did anything else happen in the first part, only the Valencians were serious and the Basques did not manage to find a crack to break the opponent. The woven spider web makes it difficult for smooth connection Warzable Y. For you With sorlot And Maxi barely got the ball clean. His biggest contribution was to demand a punishment for the arrest of Le Normand, which neither Sanchez Martinez nor the VAR was punished. There is no victory without a clear attack.

The coaches did not hesitate to try to open the match by looking at the bench. Salt Carlos Solar But it seemed that the attack was on Real. Was almost For you To take advantage of Kromet’s confidence until Mamradashvili appears. The move was canceled due to Murcian being offside, although the way was open and with the same hero, it was repeated again. However, Valencia were smarter with more control in midfield and Maxi was able to decide on a long pass from Brian Gill who put his hand against Remiro, who won the doubles.

Congratulations to David Silva

The match with Valencia was complicated Cmert’s wounds And last chance for Perth after Rafinha’s backhill. Choosing to be unprotected for the Bordeaux, returning to 4-4-2 and looking for the power of Resic’s lungs and Guedes in contrast to the exhilaration was fuse. David Silva. The sheriff could no longer save. More comfortable, the locals had a chance: a cross from Thierry that went through a small area without a spiker and another one after another, this time from Brian Gill, whom Remiro pulled out again with his foot.

Need for both teams to add a win translating from area to area alternatives without finding a goal. Valencia’s last was held in a braid game between Brian Gill, Guedes and Gay which ended with a shot from the Portuguese in the post. That header made Hugo bloody Guillaume And Michael Merino It’s a reflection of a conflict of insane intensity that keeps both parties cold.

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