The debate over the impeachment request, faced by the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, began with the position marked within the five blocks of the Assembly. The session was adjourned this Sunday morning, eight hours after installation, and will resume at 4:00 p.m.

Coreismo (Yunus) has been able to consolidate the voice from Pachakutik (PK) and some independents are in favor of his proposal, which requires 92 votes to approve. There are 72 seats in both the blocks.

The ruling party, the Democratic Left (ID) and the Christian Social Party (PSC), a group of 51 assembly members, rejected the option. They have identified it as an “attempt to fish in turbulent rivers”.

Sitting in a room, office or other place in their home, some of these interventions were:

Anna Belen Cordero, Crew’s assembly member.

“Without any evidence, they have simply stated that a serious political crisis, internal unrest and a state of emergency have been declared in general. Even when the Constitutional Court has said: It is never fair to use Article 130, otherwise all presidents will go home.

At the time of Correismo we lived through 90 exceptional states and the country was in an exceptional state for 10 years. And the constitutional court of that time: silence. Assembly, like Shakira: blind, deaf and dumb.

Formalize your resignation, members of the assembly, formalize what you are requesting, do not come to create a supposed social chaos: you create it, you finance it and you call it. Much respect for the country’s institutions, for the country’s democracy and for the people, who elected President Guillermo Lasso with 54% of their vote. “

Viviana Veloz, Member of the Legislative Assembly of UNES.

“The call for this session demonstrates two things. First, we are facing a situation of serious political crisis and internal strife, which the government wants to deny, but we have all observed what is happening on the streets of the country.

This is the double standard for Sierra and coastal oligarchy. In the current situation, the use of this method is justified because Article 130 of the Constitution clearly states that the President can be removed due to a serious political crisis and internal strife.

The serious political crisis has clearly been demonstrated by the President himself through two decrees 455 and 459 and today he has again agreed with this National Assembly to repeal Decree 459. And it overturns it, precisely, because these decrees recognize internal disturbances and are a test for this legislature. “

Esteban Torres, Block Chief of PSC.

“It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Respect for the rights of institutions, public order and Ecuadorians who demand the right to work and live in decent conditions with sufficient income to support and feed their families.

If the one who rules goes away, the public force will be left without its commander-in-chief and the command lines will be severely broken. “

You, the President of the Assembly, have informed the country that a dialogue has begun through you with the participation of Mr. Iza and the Minister of the Government. To find this dialogue with the participation of these people, it is essential to continue it, let us not hinder it from the assembly, let us think big. “

Salvador Quishop, head of the Pachakutik block

“If we survive the horrors of these days, whose balance is: five dead, if imprisoned, if injured, if all these nightmares that we are living these days are not social noise, then what could be social noise?

Mr. President Lasso, what is happening today is the consequence of your indifference to these people because your colleagues have presented themselves to national and international businessmen. What we feel is your surrender to the policy of the previous government. Tonight we sit down and underline it: not even Lasso or Korea.

We are going to vote for the application of Article 130 No.2. But we are going to vote because we are aware of fighting for the interests of our people, aware of responding to our poor people, not out of revenge, not that. We are going to vote because they have been deprived of the freedom of George Glass. “

Marlon Cadena, ID block chief.

“Violent people have found a fertile ground to benefit and use human frustration, to deal with it and to lead it to death against the people, with an evil argument, with the argument of dark interests, which justifies the way. Towards the end .. because of that moral principle, which leads to the thought that the one who is the most violent is right and they can die more.

Our position as the democratic left is questionable and critical. We have no commitment to any stupid, sensitive, random government in the face of public outcry. But none of us will support those who protest fairly and those who pretend to be aborigines for the sake of convenience, the protectors of social warriors for the benefit, the protectors of nature for the benefit, the life savers when they order killing.

John Vinueza, Independent Assemblyman.

“We already know more or less what the outcome of the vote will be. Once the Social Christians have publicly stated that they will not support it, the Democratic Left has just said that it will not, it will support the government, that it will work together, so, well, what to do with it. Can go But it does teach us something: for example, the fight for rights is learned from the cradle, so the children go on strike with their guns. “

Assembly member Johanna Morera expelled from ID.

“You have to add and subtract. We don’t have 92 votes, we know. But we also want to exhaust the only way we have pressure against this government because we know that we can only exercise this power once in every legal term. I urge you to reflect so that we can sit down as politicians responsible for creating a serious policy of unity, to stop seeing a political gain. If this debate ends and closes, the legislature will not have a chance to reactivate 130. “

Guido Chiriboga, Assembly of Creo.

Today the vote is not for democracy but for drug politics. It cannot be that those who sent a group of people into the streets in disguise and infiltrated to create chaos and commit crimes are the ones today who proclaim and pressure Article 130.

No, gentlemen, what they claim has no legal basis, and you know it. So they adopt the low strategy of the old politics. And that proves that Correismo came back to power to get acquitted for the crime that they were in power for 10 years and came back to transform Ecuador into a drug-state.

Pierina Correa, assembly member of UNES.

“If this democratic, constitutional, legal and legitimate process is allowed, what will happen? That we are all Assembly Members and the President of the Republic going home. This is called providing our position, it is not equivalent to resignation. It is a clear message that we do not hold on and think of the good of the country. All: Members of Parliament and President of the House.

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