The Prosecution A case has been filed against 11 people for this Murder Of Attorney Criminal lawyer, Walter Vallejo. In Involved Here are three Teenager. The start of criminal proceedings was announced this Saturday, May 7, 2022.

The Crime The lawsuit was filed May 5, 2022, against an outsider HotelIn response to this Guayaquil.

During a flagrante delicto hearing, which is held in the Judicial Unit Model BarracksA judge has ruled Preventive imprisonment Against eight Accused For alleged offenses Murder Y. Traffic Its invalid Weapons.

In contrast, in the North Florida Judicial Unit, In GuayaquilA magistrate issued an order Preventive detention Against three TeenagerSuspicion of crime Traffic Its invalid Weapons Of fire

Evidence used by the prosecutor’s office to prosecute 11 people includes: Version Prisoners, record Lifting Of CorpsesMark seized in a house in the sector Mapasingue; It is in the investigation report prepared by the Judicial Police Location Of Accommodation Where the suspects involved in the crime were hiding.

The financial investigation or public investigation episode will last 30 days. At that point, agents will be able to collect more Proof And clear this case.

How did the crime happen?

Thursday, May 5, 2022 at noonLawyer Walter Vallejo was killed. It happened while I was leaving Hotel Guayaquil, where he kept one Meeting From Is working.

According to the first investigation, the lawyer said Stuck Was attacked by two persons and with a firearm. He got it Effect He was shot in the chest and died instantly.

Catch the suspects

Prosecutor’s Office, Judicial Police, Criminalism And the Department of Crime against Life and Violent Deaths (Dinosaur) First raise Formula At the scene. For example, they have collected Video Hotel security cameras, the surrounding courtyard, the surrounding streets and paths.

According to agents, the videos helped Decoration Of Suspicious And Motorcycles Where they have moved.

After a search, the suspects were believed to be at a house in the sector Mapasingue, North of Guayaquil. There it is Other people hid. According to the investigation, they met at that place to ‘program’ Attack Y. Injuries to men

The national police conducted that operation Accommodation And arrested 11 people, including three teenagers. The uniformed people seized the place Feeder, Bells Without injury, three Grenade Military type, five Cell phoneA sweater with a police logo and three motorcycles.

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