The Call Is made up of numbers Unknown. Behind the lines is a man who claims to be the ringleader of a Criminal gang. “We are monitoring you. If you cooperate, nothing will happen to you, “they say in the first sentence.
Immediately, the caller claims that a man paid him USD 1,000 to kill a member of his family and that if he wanted to avoid it, he would have to pay more.

This happened Jose Lewis, 35 years old, three weeks ago. He says his phone rang around 8 p.m. The person who contacted her said she had two days to transfer $ 3,000 before she could try her 10-year-old son’s life.

Jose Lewis was paralyzed Fear And start Ask for money To borrow To avoid his family a Loss To your little one. A cousin asked him to inform the police before depositing the money. The young man left Opportunity – advantage Of Judicial policeNorth of Quito, and there he found that it was a process by which Mafia There is Money.

Something similar happened NaomiThe mother of a living family Ambato. Through a call, a man told him he was the head of a drug cartel. The Suspicious She threatens to tell him that she has located her home and her business. He also offered to stop Stroke If he cancels USD 4,000.

Official police data reveals that such extortion or threatening calls increased in 2021. That year, 1,628 such contacts were recorded. In 2020 it was 1,210. And in this 2022 they have already surpassed 244.

Victim Protection

For all that, The police Has arranged Qualifications Services for the protection of victims.

The first is through a unit that investigates Abduction And Extortion. It’s about Unase. Police have warned about this Unit It has measures to protect the victims from any attack. They monitor from the phones Extortionist And they can find the location of the threat.

In addition, they evaluate the characteristics of the prey to detect potential breaches of their habitat, work or frequent locations. To access this unit, the person must first contact ECU-911. They will hand over the case to a unit Community police To review what happened.

Precisely, this is the second way that people have Self-protection. The The police There is a national plan for panic or help buttons. The initiative involves registering a telephone number on a person’s cell phone so that a patrol car can reach them as soon as they dial it. Home.

Apart from this, an application can be made for police custody of the property Court order. This will be the third way of protection. But to access this Service A complaint must be filed Prosecution.

Entity can make a request Judge the defensive measures To avoid Attack. Even if the case is extremely serious, there is a protection plan for the organization Victim and witness.

In this service, people can be sheltered in their home or they can be relocated Custody The more strict the The victim They can be moved to another city or even to another country.

The information of those who have access to these protections is protected. But agents in the prosecutor’s office confirmed that the lawsuit was settled out of court Threats.

The prosecutor’s office and police advise people not to share their personal data Telephone numbers On social media or Advertising campaign. These are First connection That band will get their acquaintance The victim.

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