“I have nothing to object to” was the correct word Alexis VasconsIts legal representative Service Extensive care for adults Private Of Freedom And juvenile delinquents (SNAI), He said Audience From Habeas corpuss whose release George Glass.

It has been said Minutes EL COMERCIO Perseverance accessed this Monday, April 11, 2022.

The 11-page document clearly contains the details of the order Intervention Which were made Audience And who were the people who took part in it.

This is how the state representatives at the glass hearing did

According to official documents, Condition There were three Representative The first to work hard was Vascons, who not only represented SNAI, but also did so. Jail From Cotopaxi.

The second representative was Dr. George EmpathyWas offered by those The police National. And finally he was present Evan The water is good For him Ministry From Government.

These are the last two Is Objection Release of glass. In fact, they stayed Silence Throughout the activities.

The activities of the three representatives of the state Opposes On Sunday, government minister Francisco Jimenez made the statement, emphasizing that all I mean The law relating to the habeas corpus granted to George Glass allowed it.

“This government explicitly rejects the decision of the judge in the Glass case and that is why we have given Snyder the capacity to file the relevant legal provisions and that trial also works within the limits of its jurisdiction,” he said.

From that state portfolio they have not yet been pronounced Performance From him Representative The law in court hearings.

Those who widely argued were in favor of it Former Vice PresidentThree Doctor Expert and George Glass himself. After his presentation, Judge Santa Elena Canton’s Multidisciplinary Judicial Unit, Javier MoscowApproved April 9, 2022 Habeas corpus Former Vice President Jorge Glass Espinel.


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