The Alóag Santo Domingo road is closed for about 85 kilometers near the town of Santo Domingo. Photo: CTE.

The Through Alóag-Santo Domingo Due to a huge rock slide in the Tinalandia sector near the town of Tsáchila, it has been closed since Saturday, May 21.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission and the prefecture of Santo Domingo de los Sachilas have been recommended. Alternative path Travel in Quito and Santo Domingo Or in other coastal provinces.

These are the paths Calacali-Rio Blanco Go to Esmeraldas Beach or to Manabí (Pedernales) and Santo Domingo.

Another option is that Banks-Las Mercedes Or vice versa, go directly to Santo Domingo. Users complained that the asphalt condition of this road is not good. It’s full Holes, breaks and road damageSo you have to drive carefully.

The third option is Banks-well HermosoWhich connects directly to Esmeraldas Road and the bypass to Pedernales beach in Manabi.

Meanwhile, clearing work is underway on 85 km, which is completely closed.

The Ecuadorian Transit Commission reported on Saturday night, May 21, 2022 Through Alóag-Santo Domingo It will be closed this Sunday and it is planned to run Reopened this Monday 23rd MayOn the last day of the holiday Battle of Pichincha.

This Saturday night, at the height of the KFC restaurant – a road occupied at least 2 kilometers. Double column of trailer and truck. Heavy trucks transport food, fruit and other goods for the Sierra company. Another large number of heavy vehicles are waiting at the gas station near the road, especially on the bypass Esmeraldas-Quito and Quevedo-Quito roads.

A two-lane section of this highway is crossed by a huge boulder, which is one of the main connections between Sierra and the coast.

The Traveler The ship that sailed to the beaches of Esmeraldas and Manabí could not pass through this artery on Saturday.

Tsáchila Prefecture indicated that its equipment and technical personnel went to the scene to evacuate Soil and stones.

Users have complained of long waits and lack of timely information about road conditions. Many have traveled The beach May 24, 1822 for a three-day rest for the Liberal Party. In general, about 11,000 vehicles pass through this road every day.

The sheer size of the rocks on the Alag-Santo Domingo road soon made it difficult to open. Alternative route is recommended »

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