League The university was left without sports Jorkaif Resco Y. Louis Yellow And there are doubts about who will be the team’s scorer.

Due to lack of funds from other times, the league managers searched for Series B. Argentina. They were recommended Thomas MolinaA player who has performed well in the tournament.

Molina has scored 10 goals in 27 matches The second From ArgentinaIn 2021, and the directors welcomed him Signature. Gaucho, 26, missed the first date due to an attack Injury Which was not caught in the medical check up. But by the time he recovered he started showing his goalscoring nose.

He made his network debut with a 2-1 win over Universidad Catholica. And, at the moment, he already has five goals in nine games with the Lilies. He has scored four goals in the tournament and one South American. He already has half a goal from last year and that makes him happy. However, he is more than happy to start winning with the interim manager Edison Mendez.

‘Kinito’ took charge after the league lost 4-0 to Goanance on the tour. That result ended with the resignation of the coach Paul Marini. “We tried our best with Pablo, but couldn’t in the last match. We have a lot of dialogue with Mendez and La Sombra and that’s good, “said Argentine.

“We feel comfortable with the current coach,” added the attacker from River Plate. Mendez and John Espinoza They trust him for the starter he signed for this Sunday’s game against Los Albos and Barcelona. The game will start at 18:00 at Rodrigo Paz Stadium.

Molina says it’s a game that can’t be lost. That is what they have been told in the complex PomaskyWhere the lilies are concentrated.

The attacker said: “Ever since I came here they have told me you can’t lose against Barcelona. Albos maintain a Undefeated 24 years old Without loss In an official game, on their stage, against the Canaries. However, in 2020, El Idollo won the title by winning the Round of the Round. Punishment. That match still hurts the league fans.

Molina says she wants to make fans happy by learning about LDU’s history. “We know how important this match is for league fans,” he concluded.


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