Giro d’Italia celebrates after winning on the tenth stage on May 17, 2022 in Beniam Giram. Photo: EFE

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Eritrean In exchange, In InterMarch, on May 17, 2022, Giro d’Italia won the tenth stage of the sprint, defeating Dutchman Matthew van der Poel. Ecuadorian Richard Karapaz He was also a great hero when he entered fifth place.

After the victory, In the heat She can hardly believe her victory in the pink race.

“This is incredible. The team controls the whole race from the start. I have no words of gratitude for all my teammates. I am so happy, I can’t believe it, it’s incredible,” said Ghent Wavegame winner and World Sub-23 Road Runner-up Finish. On the line.

After the win, the African received congratulations from Van der Powell. Both were the strongest in the sprint, including Richard Carapaz of Ecuador, who finished fifth despite falling this day.

Pictures of the final kilometer, including the carapace as the protagonist, are spectacular. Giro’s YouTube channel reveals exciting arrival.

In the African heat, The 22-year-old sprint was one of Finnish’s favorites, and once in the finish he defeated one of the world’s most powerful cyclists, the Dutchman van der Poyle. African cyclists wanted to distribute talent.

“I came to Giro to know that we have a chance to win and to do well, so this is part of the success of my team, my family. I am very grateful and happy for what I have done, “he said.

In the summer, one of the team’s veterans, Italian Domenico Pozovivo, sheds light on all the work.

“The whole team worked to win, even the GC riders like Pozovivo, Hart, Taramay. They did a great job. In the end, the “pojo” was incredible. He just arrived, he told me to come to the last 600 meters, he started very well and kept me very well. At last I have the strength to finish, “he concluded.

Ecuadorians in General Guerrero

Karapaj (Ainiios) Fourth, 15 seconds behind the leader GeneralSpaniard Juan Pedro Lopez.

Jonathan Norvez (Ineos) is in 44th place, 37:09 minutes behind the leader.

Jonathan Cassedo (EF Education-EasyPost) Leader from 40:27 in 47 squares.

Alexander Sepeda (Drone Hopper – Androni Geocatoli) 113 at 1:45:30.

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