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This vehicle will have limitations for laying the pipeline on the E35

Quito Metropolitan Public Drinking Water and Sanitation Company (epmaps) A will be installed Pipeline Steel from open trenches Five branches Of Via E35Between Santa Rosa de Cusubamba and Tababela, as indicated in a statement from the municipality of Quito on March 29, 2022.

There will be road work Thursday, March 31, Friday, April 1, and Saturday, April 2, 2022. Traffic will be disrupted 9:00 pm to 5:00 pm The next day, said in three days.

According to the Cabildo statement, the pipeline installation is part of the Paluguilo-Eastern Parrokios transmission line project aimed at meeting the drinking water needs of the Pifo, Puembo, Tabebla, Yarukui, Cheka, El Quinche and Guellabamba populations; In addition to Tumbaco and Cumbayá.

These will be Damaged area This week:

  • Junction N.-1 Section Santa Rosa de Kusubamba – Tababela
  • Junction N.- 2 Division San Juan de Ascázubi
  • Junction N.- 3 Division at San Juan de L. Quinch
  • Junction N.-4 Section E35 Check Section
  • Junction N.- 5 Section San Miguel de L’Quinche, from Santa Rosa de Cusubamba

The municipality of Quito says the project is “60% complete and has 74.7 km of flexible iron and PVC piping installed; construction of 21 distribution tanks and new pressure breaks with a capacity of 250 sq m to 2000 sq m; implementation of SCADA control and automation systems; Kimi fiber optics, telecommunications and electromechanical equipment have been installed. “

The epmaps – Agua de Quito recommends using alternate routes when performing tasks.

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