This Thursday, June 23, 2022 morning, a number of people are gathering in Quito on bicycles or on foot. Photo: EL COMERCIO

The Social cohesion At the national level called by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (No) See you this Thursday, June 23, 2022, 11 days.

Protests erupted last week, killing at least three people. Apart from this, road closures, food, petrol crisis, fresh clashes in several cities of the country, little reception in peace processions and great interest of the citizens in resolving the situation.

Attack on UPC in Taisha

The National Police The city condemns the attack on the unity of the community TaishaIn the province Morona-Santiago.

Read more in Police Condemnation of Attack on Taisha Community Unit

Road closures in 10 provinces

At the national level, mainly in the provinces I saw And AmazonRoad closures have been recorded since the national strike began.

These are closed in Ecuador due to the June 23 national strike

Road closed in Quito

In this sense, Quito continues to be the center of protests, and several roads have been affected by the blockades caused by the protesters.

Read more here These are the streets that woke up this Thursday, June 23 in Quito

A large part of the citizens expect solutions

A large section of the citizens requested to open the links of communication and dialogue between the government and the tribals to reach an agreement and resolve the conflict. Only then will the country win.

Read more The country wants a solution through dialogue and rejects violence

Grants are reduced

The effects of the epidemic could mean that aid to protesters is no longer the same.

On the last occasion they received up to six quintals of rice per day. Now they are lucky to have completed two, said one of the coordinators of the collection center Central University.

Grants have been reduced in the new strike Read more

Criticism of the austerity decree

Decree 457, issued by the President William Lasso Last Monday, June 20, the state wants to cut spending. According to analysts, it does not bring anything new, as it collects text points from previous regulations. Or it would not be the right political moment to sign it, they say.

Read more on the critique of the Financial Austerity Decree

Virtual classes in several provinces

Of Zone 6 Ministry Of Education Instructed to postpone face-to-face classes throughout the entire canton BasinAjuai Province, for this Thursday, June 23 and Friday, June 24, 2022. 147,518 students Virtual class.

Read more about the suspension of classes and call for new protests in Quenca

Unemployed military missions

Mission clean. Stop all possible steps towards the Corondelet Palace. More than 2,000 soldiers armed with rifles and ammunition have gathered since Monday, June 20th. Large courtyardInside Quito. The uniformed men have devised a complete plan to try to cross the security picket.

Read more on the military, including two jobs in the demonstration

# Ecuador survives 10 days of unemployment. Children, teens and young adults are back in the virtual class. Here we give you tips on how to approach this topic with children. Https://

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