Spanish media has confirmed the separation of Shakira and Pique. Photo: Instagram Shakira

Since it became known through Spanish Press Divorce, one of the most recognized couple in the world of entertainment, PK and ShakiraRumors have spread through social media.

According to a Spanish medium, the footballer Gerard Pique He was unfaithful to Colombian singer Shakira, with whom he has two children, Milan and Sasha.

This is what is known about PK and Shakira

  • The couple did not get married, they maintained one Relationships without marriage.
  • The couple’s first child was born in 2013 and their second in 2015, two years later.
  • Gerard Pique She is 35 years old, 10 years younger than 45 year old Shakira
  • The Spanish press confirms that Gerard Pique was unfaithful Shakira একটি With a 20 year old blonde woman who works as an event model
  • Shakira has not posted content with Pik on her social networks since March.
  • It is learned that PK is currently living in his house Bachelor’s house Located in Barcelona, ​​on the street Muntan with Plaza Adria. This footballer no longer lives with Shakira.
  • Shakira has recently released a song with this singer Raww Alexander Title I congratulate you where the letter has been questioned as indirect for his former partner Gerard.
  • It has been seen that there is PK Dedicated to the team. According to the Spanish press, he went to famous nightclubs like Bling Bling and Patron in Barcelona with his partner Ricky Puig and the women.
  • Shakira was seen on holiday in Ibiza with her two children.
  • Apparently the couple decided differently and Shakira decided to separate from FC Barcelona footballer.

Gerard Pique and #Shakira separated. # In Spain they link the footballer to a young woman »

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