The panorama of Avenida 12 de octubre in Quito is dark. Filled with rubble, rubbish and burnt tires and branches. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL Commerceo.

On the eleventh day of the social protests, the panorama on the streets of Quito was one of destruction, litter and damage to public and private property.

For example, the Avenue 12 October It’s dawn, this Thursday, June 23, 2022, covered Stones and rubble. The stench of tires and burnt pulses still lingers. The scene was also evident on Patria Avenue.

Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers Private vehicles, which started their days very early, flowed through all these remnants. The panorama reflects as if a real battle had been fought the day before.

Take some of the same branches that are on the road to try to clear some of the stone debris Posterior The Through.

Other places that look the same av Simon Bolivar In the sectors of San Martin, El Troje, Tambo del Inca, La Argelia, Lucha de los Pobres, Ordinary Ruminahui Highway, Stone Triangle, Guallo, Zambiza, AV. The panorama from Las Palmerras is similar.

Quito Its leadership has become the center of protests Indigenous movement. However, their call has remained steadfast War peacefully And prevent acts of violence and aggression.

Rallies and processions are held every day from different quarters. Some ended peacefully while others clashed with security forces.

The latter, as a result, has space affected by av. Pedro Vicente Maldonado in Guazalo Bridge Sector, La Florence, Manulita Science, Ecovia Terminal in Guam, Santo Thomas, Riombamba School, Plywood Sector, Catulagua.

As at other points av Marshall Sucre, In San Roque, Ave. In the Panamericana Norte, in Wakoto, in the vicinity of San Miguel del Comun, Patria Avenue, and in the vicinity of the Catholic and Celsian University, ruins and debris can be seen.

This is the product of the wreckage Demonstration And they have been removed from the streets of Quito this Thursday, June 14, until the morning of June 23. According to information provided by the Metropolitan Public Company for Mobility and Public Works, 400 cubic meters of rubble.

Trolleybus and Ecovia services will continue to be suspended in #Quito. This was reported by Metropolitan Passenger Transport Company »

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