Traffic in the capital, from a total return to face-to-face class, presents some complications, before leaving home you must consider vehicle restrictions due to Pico y Placa.

Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) Reported via their Twitter account that this Monday, April 11, 2022, the limitation is for license plates ending in 1 and 2.

As it is a short week, due to the celebration of Holy Week, there will be restrictions till Thursday 14th April.

  • Tuesday April 12: Plates ending in 3 and 4 are not performed.
  • Wednesday, April 13: Plates ending at 5 and 6 are not performed.
  • Thursday, April 14: Plates ending at 7 and 8 are not performed.

The days when Pico Y Plaka does not apply

The restrictions of this rule are fulfilled from Monday to Friday except for days Holidays and weekends6:00 to 9:30 and 16:00 to 21:00.

Of Friday 15 April to 17 April Sunday Restrictions will not take effect due to the holidays which will be felt across the country due to Easter.

Prohibition for non-compliance

Drivers who do not comply with this restriction will be fined the equivalent of Unified Basic Salary (SBU), the first time it will be 15%, the second time it will be 25% and the third time it will be 50%. SBU.

Vehicles that are exempt from this rule are:

  • Official vehicles of the President and Vice President of Ecuador.
  • Vehicles of embassy representatives.
  • Vehicles for the disabled and the elderly.
  • Vehicles for the combined transport of the people.
  • Emergency service vehicles
  • 100% electric vehicles.

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