After the recent holidays Labor DayEverything will be back to normal and activities will resume from May 3, 2022.

Metropolitan Transit Agency (AMT) Reported that as of this Tuesday, the control of the license plate restrictions that apply to the capital Spikes and plates.

This schedule

  • Plates ending on Tuesday, May 3: 3 and 4 are not performed.
  • Plates ending Wednesday, May 4: 5 and 6 do not circulate.
  • Plates ending Thursday, May 5: 7 and 8 do not circulate.
  • Plates ending Friday, May 6: 9 and 0 do not circulate.


Drivers who Failure to comply with this rule will result in financial penaltiesThe first time with 15% of Unified Basic Salary (SBU), the second time with 25% of SBU and the third time the penalty will be 50% of salary.

The rule does not apply to holidays and weekends.


The vehicles that can move freely are the official vehicles of the President and Vice President of the Republic, the official vehicles of diplomats before the national government.

There is also a free mode of transport for passengers, 100% electric vehicles and vehicles owned by persons with disabilities and the elderly.

Relief vehicles can also move freely.

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