In June 2022, plans to supply the drug to private pharmacies are expected to begin. Photo: File / EL COMERCIO

At least two events began Plan For what Private pharmacy Delivery Medicine A Patients Of the public health system.

The first date was given in March and then in mid-May 2022. This June 3, 2022, Minister of Health, Jimena Garjan, In a few days, the President said William Lasso Will officially launch Always plan medicine.

In a radio interview, the Guardian noted that on May 31, Test ‘In condition’ Abel Gilbert Hospital in Guayaquil To verify the correct operation of the system.

How will it work?

The patient comes to the hospital and the doctor sees him. The doctor prescribes one Electronic prescription With necessary medicines.

Once the electronic prescription is created, which goes into the pharmacy system, a physical document is provided to the patient.

With this prescription, the user goes to the private pharmacy, delivers it to the clerk who reads Barcode And check if there are medications. He then gives the medicine to the patient and returns the prescription.

The Invoice This has created a return Ministry Public Health (MSP) that Will cancel There is a period of three days to redeem the monthly recipe. The medicines that the pharmacies will supply will be brand or generic

Planning will begin in four cities

Garjan explained that The first episode Will start with Three chains Its big Pharmacy With 36 stores that will serve four cities: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Portoviejo.

Initially, the pharmacies that will supply the drugs will be located Off Of The hospital Which is currently the second and third level.

To identify the user Local Where you can take free medicine, a distinct image of the plan will be placed. Also, in Prescription Will also be printed Address Of Pharmacy.

Garzon has assured that other pharmacies will be added later Health unit. It is expected that by the end of 2022, all the first, second and third level centers MSP Medicine is always on the agenda.


The head of the health department mentioned that it is a Complex systems Who have worked with experts in it Information security Avoid any kind of external interference.

Also, to avoid duplication of drug delivery or any other inconvenience, the garrison explained that when the patient is treated, Children, older adults Or people with DisabilityThe doctor will ask you who? Authorized person To take medicine and record full name and ID number Identification card.

The person will be able to withdraw the drugs by presenting his and the patient’s identity card to the clerk, along with the printed prescription.

Garzon added that there are ways to check the MSP Problems Of Prescription. One is electronic by a crossing Database Made when the doctor ‘clicks’ on the clinical history. The other is a search Scan Identity documents and a voucher signed by the patient.

The plan will be implemented in public health networks including MSP, Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IES), Armed Forces Social Security Institute (Isfa) And the Police Social Security Institute (Ispol)

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