The woman, in addition to saying that the baby she was holding belonged to Johnny Depp, told him she loved him and their “soul was attached.” Photo: EFE

The defamation case Amber I heard And Johnny Depp has garnered hundreds of reactions in the media and among fans of each of the actors.

In his seventh week of trial, an unexpected event occurred during a vacation that Judge Penny Azcaret accepted. According to the US media Law and Crime, A woman burst into the room where the actors were and started shouting at the actor From ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

“Johnny, I love you! Our souls are connected,” the woman said at first, holding a baby in her arms. According to the media, Depp just turned to her, smiling and greeting her as he usually does with his followers outside the court.

Apparently female He picked up the baby and addressed the actor again: “This baby is yours!Moments later, an officer approached him and led him out of the courtroom, cutting off the bracelet that allowed him to enter the courtroom.

After being removed from the scene, the woman told the officer that it was a joke. Kate Moss can testify on behalf of Depp

U.S. media claims supermodel Kate Moss, the artist’s ex-girlfriend, Depp may be the next witness to testify.

It is believed that the model was summoned to speak to Hard’s statement, in which he said that the protagonist of ‘Siserhands’ pushed Moss down some stairs.

A source close to Depp told People that speculation has been rife that the model will take a stand to clear up the controversy.

It should be noted that The actor’s legal team seemed delighted when he mentioned ‘Aquaman’ actress Moss During his speech. One of them even grabbed his fist and walked back smiling.

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