The examiner will demand payment of commission for the contract signed by the singer. Photo: Instagram @ricky_martin

Being a Puerto Rican singer Defendant For him Former manager, Rebecca Dracker More than মিল 3 million.

This is reported by Media Variety, who also confirms that this is the reason Martin “Adequate commission” due DrackerAccording to what can be read in the official documents of the complaint.

Due to this fee Dracker Confirms that without him, Martin He won’t be where he is now or he won’t achieve what he earns from working with him – from 2014 to 2018 and from 2020 to 2020 – the singer’s life was “in absolute chaos”.

Earlier, the case was filed on Wednesday, June 29 Los Angeles Central District CourtIt is said that he carries Martin “Recording contracts, touring deals and endorsements” so that he earns a lot of money, for which he will be paid his commission.

The 15-page document also points to a situation where apparently happened in September 2020 where Martin was threatened Complaints about that “could end his career.”

Dracker Assured that the singer was able to get out of this situation “unharmed” and continue his life because of it Advice.

Manager Also condemned the threat of maintaining an accused by the singer Privacy agreement Which was signed in his time Working hours Also, accordingly Drucker condemnedEnded up due to a “force” False Y Artist manipulation.

However, the woman refused to remain silent and demanded justice. So far, the singer has not commented on the allegation and is preparing to release his latest EP titled Play.

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