A team of specialists and veterinarians from The zoo From TampaOn the west coast of Florida (USA), a large hornbill with cancer has been successfully operated on, a species Asian birds Similar a TokenUsing a 3D printer Construction a Prosthesis For his helmet, the company announced this on Monday, March 28, 2022.

A woman named ‘Crescent’ made an ‘Asian token’ and a 25-year-old woman made a sore at the base of the skull where a kind of hollow horn came out which also affected the upper part of her lip.

That was then Medical equipment Incharge decided to use a 3D printer to create a prosthesis that could replace damaged parts with one Carcinoma From Squamous cellA type of cancerous skin tumor that is almost always malignant in Hornbill, selected by Channel 10 Tampa Bay.

According to ZooTampa, located in Lory Park, it The first operation Its kind that is made in the United States.

In a statement, the veterinarian said Center Baker The great 3-foot-long (about 1 meter) bird on display at ZooTampa today announced the great efforts made by oncologists, biomedical engineers and specialists to save lives.

It was a very difficult tumor to remove because of a tiny part where it had grown, but the team of experts asked themselves: “What would we do if it were a person?” And that’s when they envisioned 3D printing that would try to save bird life at any cost, Baker said.

To do this, a team of scientists decided to use this printing technology that has been used successfully on human patients.

Finally, the medical team is able to remove the tumor and replace the affected area with a Newly printed prostheses In 3D, the zoo says this is the first operation of its kind United States And second worldwide.

FormLabs Laboratory “donated materials” and for its part, the University of South Florida’s (USF) 3D radiology team “printed surgical guides and new helmets on a FormLabs 3D printer designed for healthcare use,” ZooTampa explained in the statement.

In the operation to replace the damaged bird helmet part, acrylic and titanium dental screws were used to attach the 3D printed prosthesis to the upper part of the crescent beak.

The animal appears to be doing well after the operation, while experts are monitoring its progress after returning to the zoo’s open-air habitat.

The brightly colored Great Hornbills are the largest of the bird family that lives in the forests of northeastern India, Indochina and the Malay Peninsula.

When they fly, they often make a kind of “whistle” sound because they do not have a set of small bottom feathers that are common among other birds, experts say.


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