Carlos Garces, 9 October striker. Photo: Instagram October 9fc

The Forward Carlos Garcেসas was surprised to return home after being out of the province GuasAnd discover that the house was empty. The criminals have entered you Home And has taken the things of empowerment from October 9.

According to journalist Ronald Pinn, at night Sunday 26 June The misdeeds of 2022 were committed. When the incident unfolded, there was a painful ram Woman.

Inside Social communication The footballer was able to show last weekend that he was out of port city. Through Instagram stories, he showed postcards where he was The beach.

The October 9 A statement has not yet been issued about the event that affected its staff members. Similarly, Garces That too was not disclosed.

The Forward He has changed teams but did not need to leave home because he has a new club Same city. The player comes from a bullfighter cast on loan until the end of the 2022 season.

Through Debt, The goal of the Canarian organization is to help Artilleryman regain his rhythm and replenish his best version. Jorge Celico, Barcelona’s DT, has stated that he will not receive him in the second half of 2022, as he already was. Gonzalo Maestriani And signed Fidel Martinez Y John Sifuente.

Garces With debut ‘Super 9‘In a friendly match, his team lost 4-1 to Emlek. Gabriel CortezWho was his partner in Barcelona, ​​accompanied him on new adventures, as they also approved his appointment.

The athlete has yet to make his debut on the team network in October. In the last 2-1 win over Guayaquil City, he missed a penalty that was awarded to him.

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