The Video Of a Dog beaten to death A health worker from the Kovid-19 resistance group in Pudong, Shanghai, visited various platforms on the Internet. Recordings generate messages from users who publish them Akrosh pOr the action of its authority China.

There was video Registered ForTo the person From a nearby building located in a residential sector of a populous Chinese city.

Recordings show a health worker, wearing a biosafety suit, repeatedly hitting a dog Race With a corgi Shovel. The The dog is dead According to the report, Internet users on public roads after the attack.

Besides, two pictures have been published on the internet. First you see the pet in the back of a bus. In that unit, the dog’s owner was transferred to a detention center after testing positive for Covid-19.

According to international media reports, attacks on dogs and other pets that cause their deaths are part of the Zero Tolerance Policy against Covid-19 implemented by the country ruled by Xi Jinping.

In another picture you can see how they carry animal carcasses in a yellow plastic bag.

Angry Internet users have criticized the practice

According to some social network users, This practice has become prevalent in the country Asian, in which case the owners have been diagnosed as positive.

In a statement collected by local media outlets such as China News Weekly and taken by international media, The pet owner said that after Kovid was caught, he left his pet on the street..

The man considered it the best decision when he received a refusal from some neighbors to take care of him, as people feared that the pet could also be a carrier of the virus.

The citizen, who is on the run, said he thought leaving her on the street would make her less likely to starve because there would be no one in her house to feed her.

Quarantine in China

As the incidence of infections increases, Shanghai has introduced a new quarantine measureWhich forces about 25 million citizens to remain trapped in their homes.

This principle creates divided opinions. There are some areas of the population that support the zero tolerance policy for viruses. And, others speak of the need to start developing the stage of living with the country’s virus.

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