In death Debanhi Escobar Maintains suspicion among his relatives by which it has not been fully clarified Judicial authority. The parents of the 18-year-old girl do not understand how she went missing and after more than ten days of searching, she was found in the pool of Nueva Castilla Motel, Nuevo Leon. Mexico.

One of her last surviving photos was captured by a taxi driver who picked her up after leaving a party on early April 9th.

The version of his friends indicates that they requested it themselves Service To a faithful person. Works with drivers Digital platform Transportation, but done by that career Own account.

What has happened since then Devanhi Getting in a taxi is one thing Research. According to the first information published, the young woman had an “argument” with the subject and went down in the middle of a deserted street. The driver took pictures from behind and informed his friends.

Debani took a taxi in front of the farm where the party was taking place. Photo: Screenshot of ‘Millennium’.

Why did Debani get off the taxi?

In the middle of it SearchInside, a picture of a young woman has been published Taxi. Television networkMillennium‘Issued them in the last few hours. Among them, the car appears just outside the farm, where Escobar was chatting with his friends on April 9 at 4:20 p.m.

“You see the driver, who, according to the investigation file, stretched his right hand towards the woman’s chest,” said a journalist at the media outlet.

In fact, Mario Escobar, his father Mexican studentHe had earlier announced that he would have a daughter The victim From Bullying In vehicles

“There is a video showing a taxi driver, (…) you can see how my daughter Debani got into her taxi. Before we appear in the photo, as we all know, there is a moment when the taxi driver puts his hand on my daughter’s breast and from there, I think, my daughter could not bear the harassment, “he assured the local media.

Besides, he blamed his father Juan David Queller, Who would be the driver, if he killed the young woman. However, the identity of the taxi driver was not disclosed and it is not clear whether he will be involved in the investigation.

Yes, Mario Escobar said prosecutor Rodolfo Salinas assumed the case would not be arrested because “there is no crime to judge.”

Where did he go after getting off the taxi?

Debani walked a few meters until she passed a taxi in front of a transport company. According to security cameras, he was passing in front of the company at 4:25 in the morning. Then he would walk to the Nueva Castilla Motel.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Deputy Prosecutor Luis Enrique Orozco said this week that there was a video of Debani “walking alone” inside the motel.

New details are expected to reveal why he was found dead in a hotel room with a deep skull injury.

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