This is the multidisciplinary judicial unit of Santa Elena Canton issued on the night of April 9, 2022. Ticket release For George Glass Espinel.

The document, addressed to the director of the Cotopaxi Depression of Liberty Center, indicates that in the case presented by Glass’s defense, Immediate independence The former vice president was once accepted by Judge Hebias Corpus of the Multicompetitive Judicial Unit.

George Glass about weight Three sentencesBoth of them have already been executed for their crimes Illegal intercourse Y. BriberyIn addition to one Process For Guess Whose appeal is pending.

Former Vice President’s lawyer Edison Loiza recalls that he presented Legal assets What happened after the riots Jail Where his accused has been imprisoned.

According to what he told reporters, when there was a fight, where there was death, there was glass TransferredWhich constitutes an element to request its remedy Habeas corpus (Body present).

Loiza also made such a comment Doctor Of Public system Health officials have confirmed that Glass is ill.

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