An incident of this Animal abuse Registered at the International Food Agroindustrial Fair (Fiagrop) which is held HavanaWith settlement Administrative sanctionsDisciplinary and Violations, reported the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) on April 10, 2022.

The incident happened last Thursday, April 7, during a rodeo event with the public Fair At its usual headquarters in the Havana municipality of Rancho Bayros, organized by Minag, when several people gave a provocation. Little cats And others try to catch him by whipping him with ropes.

A Video The incident was shared on social networks Critic From Staff Independent animal lawyer and Minag himself, who denied the allegations after the incident went viral.

The relevant administrative, disciplinary and misconduct prohibitions established in Decree No. 31/2021 on animal welfare and its regulations, standards (…) relating to the duty of Cuban citizens to protect and ensure the protection of natural resources, flora and fauna were enforced. Preserving a healthy environment “, Minag said on its official website.

He was quoted as saying by Marianella Altunga, head of the animal health department in Havana Violators They were applied Fine.

3,000 Cuban pesos for both (equivalent to USD 125 at the official exchange rate) The artists involved And 1,500 pesos (from USD 62.50) Athletes With Responsibility Indeed, decrees relating to animal welfare are established in law.

“It was found that the event was spontaneously and unexpectedly animated by comedians, violated the program approved for the show and the Cuban Rodeo Regulations, which have been in force since 1997,” he added. State agency 6

The Government of Cuba The decree was approved in February 2021.Animal Welfare ActA law that has been demanded for years by activists and organizations working to protect the species since last July.

President of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, He expressed his “strong disapproval of the abusive expression of abuse that violates the law” and said in a message posted on his Twitter account that “it must be complied with”, recalling that one year has passed since the island’s animal welfare law was approved. .

That’s the arrival Legal materials As a victory was welcomed by many Independent civil society This has been made clear over the last two years, in addition to government mass organizations, on issues such as animal protection, the fight against gender-based violence, or the rights of the LGTBI community.

However, some leaders and activists have criticized it Decree Because it is considered inefficient.

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