An actor and film producer was announced Guilty A by a jury US court From Fort Lauderdale, South Florida (USA) Cheating A Colleagues More than USD 60 million for movies and theaters, and now a face Sentence From Decades In prison, the federal prosecutor’s office reported Tuesday.

Jason Van Iman, 44, of Oklahoma, has been convicted. “ConspiracyElectronic fraud and money laundering Judicial process Against him for his role in a series of scandals Complications For cheating with Benjamin McConnell and Benjamin Raphael Producer In search Financing.

Office sources said Federal Prosecutor’s Office Of South District From FloridaVan Iman used to present himself as his victim Main producer Offers movies and their funding ProjectIn general Independent filmBroadway shows and music festivals, among other productions.

The man explained that his partner, McConnell, said, “Victims will match any cash in their contribution. ProjectAnd who will do that with the combined capital Production Plus InterestingThe partner will request and protect the money from it Financial institutions.

“Based on this lie, the victims sent more than $ 60 million Controlled account By scammers, “said the prosecutor’s office, which explained that McConnell never met. Capital Contributed by The victim Or he’s not looking Promised funds.

Van Iman and his associates rather Transferred The money is theirs Personal bank account Y. Corporate“Usually a few days after the deposit,” according to the prosecutor’s office.

“To make the scandal more credible, Van Iman and McConnell hired Benjamin Raphael, Employee Of BankWhose work was to be confirmed The victim That’s them Contributions There was cash Matched And his money was safe, none of which was true, “the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Three Scammer They have spent the stolen money Estate EstateBoats and luxury cars, as well as jewelry, home furnishings, designer clothes, hotel and airline tickets.

Similarly, “Van Iman Use Part special Money For theft Finance movies In which he participated. ”The prosecutor’s office has deepened.

Van Iman, who faces “several decades” in prison, is scheduled to be sentenced before July 21, 2022. Magistrate Federal Rage Single.

McConley, who was already there Guilty in favor For this case, he is being sentenced to 13 years in prison, where Raphael was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for scandal and for his privacy. Criminal history Apply for support programs by Covid19.

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