Referential image. Clear images were shown on a huge screen outside the mall. Photo: Pixabay

On Tuesday (May 30) in the afternoon, the screen outside Mall Plaza Shopping CenterIn response to this BarranquillaColumbia, was Hack To screen adult content.

The clear picture is shown The big screen On the outside of it StoolCarlera 55 with Calle 99.

The incident was recorded Recorded video By pedestrians and Social communication Comments not awaited.

The shopping center reassured through a statement, that due to the situation a Pony.

“Today (Tuesday, May 30) They hacked Screens installed in our shopping center Mall Plaza Buenavista Inside BarranquillaStrangers have misused its controls and assumptions, “he said.

Similarly, they have confirmed that Mohd Management Of The screen Works to solve problems.

The matter has already been brought to the notice of the authorities Stool“We are taking necessary steps to prevent such a situation from happening again.”

For his part, Secretary Of Public transport Of District, angelo cianciDirected Radius snails That request has already been made to the company Advertising Association Of Barranquilla SAS“Entity responsible for marketing on-screen content to keep us informed of what’s happening.”

Inside BarranquillaIn recent days there has been a controversy between citizens and local authorities over the holding of Congress Redpox adult entertainmentJune 11, 12 and 13 at the Puerta de Oro Convention Center.

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