On May 4, 2022, a Demand Against the former Vice President of the Republic George Glass Espinel And answer for her brothers, Heriberto and Sylvia Maintenance What did he have to pay his father? George Glass OldWho died on 21 February.

The lawsuit was filed in a court of law for Guass’s family, women, children and adolescents, Juan Vijueta, the lawyer sponsoring the lawsuit against the brothers, confirmed. Glass Espinel.

The Father The former vice president was announced Guilty Of Violation To a 12-year-old girl. As a result of the abuse, the minor had a son. So, it is Judgment Ordered that Monthly pension It will be for a minor child $ 300

The incident happened at a school George Glass Old Has practiced its function Director.

Based on the claim Article 5 of the Biological Code for Children and AdolescentsWhere it is mentioned that:

“I have to give food. – Parents are the main holders of maintenance obligations, even in cases of limitation, suspension or deprivation of parental authority. In this case: Absence, impediment, inadequacy of assets or incapacity of principal obligation, duly verified by the complainant, the appropriate authority shall order that the allowance provision be provided or completed by one or more of the following auxiliary obligations, regardless of their financial capacity. And until they are disabled, in that order: grandparents; Siblings who have reached the age of 21 and are not included in the previous article number two and three. “

Although he died in February of this year, Glass Vizo cut Pension Only until November Of 2021. So will your loan amount $ 2,100.

The reason for this claim is that Little boy No I mean For Study. Because his family was in debt Teaching And Pension And need for School supplies.


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