The proposal was approved by 81 votes in favor. The ruling party voted against. Photo: Assembly

Full claim to the President William Lasso To present the relevant complaint to the Ethics Committee of the Assembly for its actions “including the evidence of his statement about the members of the Assembly who have complained that the hospital, the public office and even requested money”. Vote.

He did so on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, when the 770th Plenary Session resumed, which had been adjourned since March 29 due to events caused by the President’s struggle. Lorry in Guadalupe (PK) and the opposition bench.

The proposal was approved by 81 votes, mainly from the bench correism, Dissident from the Christian Social Party (PSC), the Pachakutik and the Democratic Left (ID), and several distinct individuals, such as Virgilio Sakisela, the first vice president. The The ruling party voted against.

Instead, the text includes a condemnation Lasso expression Against the National Assembly, for not approving the investment law project last January and accusing Blackmail and corruption To various legislators.

It also included a request to “communicate with the people of Ecuador Ethics Commission Any kind of corruption in the legislature that has evidence and in which the members of the legislature spent the period 2021-2025 to start the process of sanctions.


Motion is submitted by Mario Ruiz, Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Pachakutik Extremist Branch. With the support of 80 legislators, Ruiz applied for the presidency to Lori in Guadalupe when he did not go to any information point and arranged for a vote on the text, once the debate on the issue was closed last January.

In both votes, Five-legged Legislators supporting the split Lori, such as Salvador Quispe and Rafael Lucero, abstained. Ruiz, Darwin Pereira, Patricia Sanchez, among self-proclaimed rebels, voted in favor of the resolution and appeal to the president.

Gisela Molina, Edgar Cuazada, Christian Ukaila and Celestino Chumpy, who were condemned by Lasso in the prosecutor’s office, also abstained or voted against.

Losing control Presiding over the assemblyLori lowered his seat and handed over the presidency of the 770th session of the Plenary to First Vice President Virgilio Sakisela.

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