The man in a wheelchair was caught stealing a car mirror at different times. Photo: Ishtok

This is George ‘N’, better known as ‘Magic Wheels’, a Criminal Those who steal parts Automobile.

His nickname coincides with the fact that he is a man who goes inside Wheelchair Because he doesn’t have a leg.

The arrests took place in Mexico City. Mexico, After a video camera recorded him stealing a mirror from a car High end. However, while she was trying to escape, she fell out of her wheelchair and could not get up.

Explained by Police report, The owner of the Mercedes-Benz car found him in this situation, who decided to take him to the relevant authorities to start a case against him.

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Apparently, the ‘magic wheels’ are already known in some parts of the delegation Benito Juarez Looking for a high-end car to steal parts like a criminal.

Also, this will be his fifth arrest. It was recorded in August 2021 Security cameras Stealing the mirror from another car parked on the street, but leaving shortly after.

Currently, the Office of the Attorney General The Mexican capital is launching an investigation against him.

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