The winner of the video contest will be selected on June 20, 2022. Photo: Pixabay

On May 31, 2022 Anti-Corruption Foundation Through its official Facebook page from Ecuador, young people between the ages of 16 and 18 are invited to participate in an anti-corruption video contest: I am a victim of corruption.

According to calls issued on social networks, the competition focuses Encourage The National Assembly to declare that citizens are also victims of corruption, not just the state.

This initiative was born out of the need to clarify the issue Citizen image As part of a corruption trial. This is how he describes the newspaper, Juan GarderasPresident of the Fight Foundation against corruption.

How to take part?

To compete, 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds must send a personal message to the Fight Anti-Corruption Foundation’s Facebook page so they can share. Rules of formal competitionSome questions as well.

The competition will be valid from June 6 to June 19, 2022 until 00:00. According to hints, there will be two on Twitter and one on TikTok. Also, videos must be ‘tagged’ with it Hashtags Themes; #I am a victim of corruption and #assemblyapontepilas

Hosts the event Anti-Corruption Foundation And the support of the International Republican Institute and two private Ecuadorian companies.

The winners will be announced on June 20, 2022 via the official Facebook account of FundaciĆ³n Lucha AnticorrupciĆ³n.

Ecuadorian democratic system

In Ecuador, the National Court of Justice indicates that in the course of a corruption case, only the state and government institutions that include it are affected. In this case, Citizens They are not in favor of any judicial process of this nature.

Therefore, according to Juan Guarderas, also a member National Anti-Corruption CommissionMust be a citizen The trial of corruption. “It’s very important,” he said. In Ecuador “they saw a way for citizens not to be part of the justice system and the formula was to get the idea that citizens are not victims of corruption,” he continued.

What a citizen Third party In the process of corruption, therefore, he can only report, “but that does not mean to be accused, that is, to be before the judge, to be part of the judicial process,” Garders said.

This comes from the idea Bill Which is presented for declaration in the National Assembly Citizens as victims of corruption, To ensure that citizens are charged in these processes. However, “it takes a few years for the legislature to approve a bill,” he said.

Attempts are made to encourage through video competitions The age of primary voters is 16-18 Claiming the right of assembly so that the citizens of Ecuador can be victims of corruption and actively participate in these processes like other countries like Spain.

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